Oil Seed Rape Varieties

Rivalda winter wheat

Rivalda - new to the recommended list 2013, high yielding conventional variety with a consistently high gross output, Rivalda is stiff stemmed high resistance to lodging and a late maturing variety.   
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Quartz oil seed rape Quartz - new to the recommended list 2013, is an open pollinating variety bred by Momont, with exceptional gross output at 108%, good resistance to lodging and excellent resistance to stem canker.
Senova Vision oil seed rape Vision – is a Conventional Variety with High gross output and yield. Vision is a stiff stemmed excellent resistance to lodging and has good disease resistance.   [ more...]
Senova Fashion rape seed Fashion - high yielding conventional variety with good oil content, it is stiff stemmed and has high resistance to lodging but has low resistance to stem canker.
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Monsanto Vistive Vistive - New conventionally-bred range of winter oilseed rape with high oleic low linolenic (HOLL) oil profile. These varieties produce healthy, low-transfat and stable frying oil and have good agronomic and disease resistance.   [ more...]
Pioneer rape seed PR46W21 - has very high treated gross out put, with very stiff stemmed and has a high resistance to lodging when grown at the hybrid seed rate. It is susceptible to stem canker.   [ more...]