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PRO 50LAWN SEED - High Quality Hard Wearing
Pro 50 Lawn Seed

Pro 50 is fine in appearance and hard wearing with excellent colour. The cultivars used ensure a shade tolerant, low maintenance turf with good disease resistance, keeping future maintenance costs to the minimum. A very successful mixture for use on both private and local authority housing and industrial developments a where a high quality and durable turf is called for.

Pro 51 General Purpose Grass Seed

A hard wearing mixture that will establish rapidly. Ideal for general purpose landscaping and lawns. It contains only turf type perennial ryegrass.

Pro 60 Grass Seed for Shaded Conditions

A top quality mixture designed to produce an excellent turf under shaded conditions including gold tees. Solo Rough Stalked Meadow Grass germinates quickly providing lush green growth year round. To ensure a successful turf, do not mow too closely and feed regularly.

PRO 20Fine Lawns / Ornamental Lawns
Pro 20 Grass Seed for Fine and ornamental lawns

A  mixture of only the best varieties ensures the production of a truly first class ornamental lawn/fairway turf. An important pre-requisite is a clean seed bed free from coarse species so that the full benefits of the short fine varieties can be seen.

PRO 25Low Maintenance / Slow Growing / Embankments
Pro 25 Low Maintenance Slow Growing Grass Seed for Embankments

This is a reduced maintenance mix that is naturally low growing and attractive. Using fine grasses that are very tolerant of dry, infertile conditions reduces the need for additional applications of water and fertiliser. The addition of crested dogstail to the mix ensures quick germination and green up of the sward.

PRO 70Recreation
Pro 70 Grass Seed for Recreation

A  versatile mixture that will produce an attractive, dense, very hard wearing sward. Suitable for winter and summer games, especially suitable for rapid renovation of worn out tees.

These are our most popular Amenity Mixtures. If you require an alternative please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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