Cereal Varieties


KWS Zyatt

KWS Zyatt – is a very exciting new Group 1 winter wheat with excellent yield of 102% of controls, with high protein levels and good agronomics. It has the highest Group 1 untreated and treated yields on the Recommended List. Its functional disease profile is further highlighted with Pch1 eyespot resistance.   [ more....]

RAGT Skyfall

RAGT Skyfall – is a group 1 very high yields, Skyfall is a candidate variety which combines high grain yields with bread making potential. It has given consistently high yields across two very different trialling seasons.   [ more....]


KWS Siskin

KWS Siskin – is the highest yielding breadmaker on the Recommended List. Combining high yields, exceptional hagberg, strong protein (11.5) and its positive ukp status.   [ more....]

KWS Lili

KWS Lili – the highest yielding breadmaking wheat on the new HGCA Recommended List for 2015/16. KWS Lili has robust agronomic characteristics including one of the best combinations of standing ability and disease resistance, relatively short and stiff and stands well in the field. Two days behind Solstice, it is a mid-maturity wheat.   [ more....]


KWS Basset

KWS Basset – ideally suits farmers in the South. An easy to grow variety with 2% higher yields in the East than Zulu, its robust agronomic package will appeal to those growing for traditional biscuit markets.   [ more....]

KWS Barrel

KWS Barrel – Group 3 variety is 4% higher yielding than the market leading Group 3 variety, Zulu. With a 212 Hagberg and 76.4kg/hl specific weight, it has good grain quality and is the ideal choice for the uks markets.    [ more....]


RGT Gravity

RGT Gravity – New on the recommended list for 2018 highest yielding winter wheat in the UK. This is a hard group 4 variety has proved very consistent, outperforming all other varieties in NL1 and NL2 and during its RL trial year. It goes onto the list with a clear advantage over any variety currently on the Recommended List.   [ more....]


Gleam – New on the recommended List for 2018 a high yielding Group 4 with an excellent disease portfolio. OWBM Resistance, Tall straw with low levels of lodging. Relatively early maturity.  [ more....]

KWS Kerrin

KWS Kerrin – is the highest yielding variety that KWS has ever produced and is currently the highest yielding winter wheat on the Recommended List. It performs exceptionally well in the East; the wheat heartland of the UK. KWS Kerrin is also well suited to the North.  [ more....]

Shabras winter wheat

Shabras – is a high yielding hard group four winter wheat with excellent disease resistance, including an 8 for yellow rust. Shabras is also an early maturing variety strong yield on both light and heavy soils with quick spring re-growth and high tillering capacity. [ more....]

Graham winter wheat

Graham – High yielding group 4 winter wheat with very good performance in both heavy and light soils. This variety makes an excellent first wheat and is suitable for early drilling and early maturing. Very good resistance to lodging and excellent grain quality. [ more....]

KWS Crispin winter wheat

KWS Crispin – is a high yielding Group 4 with good physical grain quality and exceptional disease resistance characteristics. Resistance scores include maximum ratings for mildew and yellow rust and a strong Septoria score, plus the added benefit of OWBM resistance.  [ more....]

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