Foragemax Mixtures

Cutmax Extracut - Short Term (1-2 Years)
Cutmax Extracut Foragemax Mixture

This mixture utilizes the high yields of Italian Ryegrass to produce large cuts of forage for up to 2 years. Both Italian and Hybrid Ryegrass are high in water soluble carbohydrate and produce very palatable forage. High sugar content also helps in the process of ensiling. Can be used as an after maize mixture.

Heymax Short Term - Short Term (1-2 Years)
Heymax Short Term Foragemax Mixture

A blend of Italian and hybrid ryegrass to produce quality hay or haylage. The mixture is of two years duration and is based only on diploid species.

Heymax Long Term - Long Term (3-5 Years)
Heymax Long Term Foragemax Mixture Grass Seed

A mixture of 5 years duration provides excellent yields and can be used for both hay and haylage. We do not recommend mixing diploid and tetraploid varieties as this can lead to uneven conditioning of a hay sward, therefore we only use diploid varieties.

Versa Max All Stock - Long Term (5 Years Plus) Cutting & Grazing
Versa Max All Stock Long Term Grass Seed

A  long term pasture mixture, versatile in use, persistence and resistant to disease. Leafy, prostrate varieties provide good dense foliage capable of withstanding even the most persistent heavy grazing.

Horsemax Paddock - Long Term (5 Years Plus)
Horsemax Paddock Grass Seed

This long term mixture has been formulated to support the diverse demands horses place on a sward. A horse paddock has to not only provide a source of food but also an exercise area, placing great stress on the sward. Couple this with the need to produce some winter forage and it is obvious why some horse paddocks look completely bare by the end of the summer season.

These are our most popular ForageMax Mixtures. If you require an alternative please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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