Ready Made Game Cover Mixtures

Our range of ready made game cover mixtures are specially formulated to ensure you will be able to achieve the best from your game cover crops.

Traditional Game Cover Mixture
Traditional Game Cover Mixture

Traditional mixture of species specially selected for their feed and cover qualities. This mixture is designed for a full season of cover for all game birds. The sunflowers ass an attractive splash of colour. Due to the variance in seed size, broadcast to achieve optimum establishment and ensure that treated seed is covered by harrowing and rolling.

  • 3.00kg Game Maize
  • 1.75kg White Millet
  • 1.50kg Red Millet
  • 1.50kg Buckwheat
  • 1.00kg Kale
  • 0.75kg Sunflower
  • 0.25kg White Millet
  • 0.25kg Forage Rape
  • 10.00kg / Acre

Sowing rate 10kg / Acre – Pack Size 10kg Various Seed Treatments

General Purpose Rearing Pen Mix
General Purpose Rearing Pen Mix

A mixture of species which provides a perfect rearing / Release pen mixture. This Mixture establishes rapidly and forms a hardwearing sward which will withstand intensive stocking. The legumes included will fix nitrogen and attract insects.

  • 3.00kg Amenity perennial Ryegrass
  • 2.50kg Late Perennial Ryegrass
  • 2.00kg Timothy
  • 2.00kg Meadow Fescue
  • 2.00kg Creeping Red Fescue
  • 1.00kg Birdsfoot Trefoil
  • 0.50kg White Clover
  • 13.00kg / Acre

Sowing rate 103kg / Acre – Pack Size 13kg

Partridge Mix
Partridge Mixture

A very Hardy Mixture that thrives on colder, poorer soils. This mixture has an open canopy that encourages and hold partridges and is useful as a break crop from kale.

  • 12.50kg Spring Triticale
  • 7.50kg Spring Barley
  • 3.75kg Linseed
  • 1.00kg Gold of Pleasure
  • 0.25kg Kale
  • 25kg/Acre

Sowing rate 25kg / Acre = Pack size 25kg


Four Ten Mix

This mixture will provide cover and feed throughout the season. Dwarf Sorghum will provide added warmth and cover below the maize. Both Species have similar husbandry techniques.

  • 10.00kg Game Maize
  • 10.00kg Dwarf Sorghum
  • 14kg / Acre

Sowing Rate 14kg / Acre – Pack size 14kg Fungicide Treated

Surefire Kale Blend

A superb combination of winter hardy cover provided by the kale and high quality feed provided by the Quinoa. This mixture is excellent for holding birds.

  • 1.25kg Quinoa
    1.25kg Gruner Angeliter Kale
    2.50kg / Acre

Sowing rate 2.5kg / acre Pack Size 2.5kg Cruiser SB Flea Beetle Treatment

Decoy Game Mixture

A combination of six small seed producing species which will provide excellent cover and feed and will last throughout the season. It is easy to sow and establish as all the seeds are are of similar size and offers an excellent alternative to our traditional game cover mixture.

  • 2.00kg Linseed
    2.00kg Buckwheat
    1.50kg Red Millet
    1.50kg White Millet
    0.50kg Fodder Radish
    0.50kg Mustard
    8kg / Acre

Sowing rate 8kg / acre – Pack size 8kg

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