Pireneo Winter Wheat

Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd would like to introduce you to a new Winter Wheat that we are bringing to the commercial market this Autumn. This variety was bred for specialist milling purposes by Austrian breeder Saatzucht Donau and has found commercial success in both Austria and France.

We now have one of those rare situations, a miller offering a guaranteed buy-back contract on a new variety in year one and a generous contract it is too!. For a crop grown Harvest 2010 this equates to £230/tonne.

We have been asked by the miller to source some 6000 tonnes for this contract. This proves the value of the variety to the end markets hence the premium they are prepared to offer.

UK Position: Trialled in 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2008 Pireneo was grown commercially on 100 acres in Essex and organically on 40 acres with good results and in 2009 a further 140 acres commercial and 70 acres organic.
Yield: Over 3 years Pireneo has been trialled as a 1st and 2nd wheat and in early and late drilling slots. The variety is lower yielding than our current standard varieties but this gap narrows significantly in late drillings. When planted mid October onwards this gap narrows to less than 10%, from November onwards it is on a par with Solstice and XI-19.
Drill ideally mid October to the end of December (latest safe sowing end of January).
Summary: Medium input requirement, emphasis on grain quality. Nitrogen regime to make allowance for quality wheat type, apply late nitrogen for grain protein. Pireneo has averaged 2.0% higher grain protein content than Solstice in trials and commercial situations over the past three seasons.

Hopefully the above will have whetted your appetite for a premium contract. If you require any further information or would like to place an acreage on contract please call Stuart Attridge, Peter Francis or Darrell Clark at the office.

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