Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd (HAM) is a leading independent grain merchant in East Anglia who handles all combinable crops.

With an in-house laboratory and experienced staff, Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd is able to assist growers in the intricacies of the CAP, legislation and other factors when making grain marketing decisions. Our strong links with both UK and EU mills enables Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd to give its growers access to both local and EU wide markets to ensure the best possible price can be achieved. To achieve this Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd specialises in offering growers:

  • Futures and options contracts
  • Supply contracts
  • Tracker Funds

Unlike many of our colleagues in the trade who make payments on a weekly basis, all HAM payments are organised to arrive with the grower on the due day.

CofaceAll grain marketing activities are insured through Coface UK - Credit Insurance Underwriters, giving growers comfort that in the unlikely event of failure of one of our mill partners, the grain payment is secured

HAM markets the following crops:

  • Milling and Feed Wheat
  • Malting and Feed Barley
  • Peas and Beans  [ more... ]
  • Oilseeds- Vistive  [ more... ]

For further information contact:

Stuart Attridge for Milling Wheat, Barley, Rape, Linseed & Durum - 07831-651250

Peter Francis for Feed Wheat - 07748-140592

Alastair Pawsey for Feed Wheat - 07990-571219

Chris Collings for Pulses - 07831-848631

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