Kale & Other Brassicas

Kale is one of the most popular cover crops used today. The main advantage of kale is that it will provide good cover for the whole shooting season. Pheasants particularly like the combination of good canopy and bare ground which allows easy movement in a relatively dry environment.

Gruner Angeliter - Kale
Gruner Angeliter kale

A very tall variety with good winter hardiness. Gruner Angeliter looks to be a significant improvement in the game cover sector and has preformed extremely well even in difficult growing conditions. Its has a high leaf canopy and thick strong stem with branching, umbrella shaped canopy giving plenty of space for the other birds to move about underneath.

Sowing Rate 1.5 – 3kg/acre – Pack size 1kg Cruiser SB Flea Beetle Treated

Club Root TolerantGoldeneye - Kale
Golden Eye Kale

Goldeye is giant type of kale especially bred for the game cover market, selected for the optimum combination of height and leaf production. It has leafy top, strong stem, good winter hardiness and good field tolerance of disease, making it the ideal choice for game cover usage. It trial conducted at the Scottish agricultural college, Aberdeen, goldeneye achieved a higher vigour score than Caledonian kale and better club root tolerance.

Sowing Rate 1.5 – 3kg/acre – Pack size 1kg Cruiser SB Flea Beetle Treated

Sovereign - Kale
Sovereign Kale

Sovereign is a high yielding, medium-tall forage kale with good club root tolerance. In agronomic test conducted by the SAC in Aberdeen, sovereign was show to have good dry matter yields and excellent leaf-to-stem ratio and compared statistically very favourably on all counts with Caledonian ability, it has the potential to maintain good quality production over a longer usage period.

Sowing Rate 1.5 – 3kg/acre – Pack size 1kg Cruiser SB Flea Beetle Treated

Sure Fire Kale Blend
Surefire Kale Blend

A combination of three excellent kale varieties to prove a tall varied canopy. This blend will give super cover over an extended period and will give second year growth with various bolting times. The flowering kale attracts insects and provides shed seed, all helping to draw both game and song birds.

  • 0.75kg Goldeneye
  • 0.75kg Gruner Angeliter
  • 0.50Kg Thousand Head
  • 2kg / Acre

Sowing Rate 1.5 – 3kg/acre – Pack size 2kg Cruiser SB Flea Beetle Treated

Forage Rape
Forage Rape

Forage Rape is particularly useful in that it can be used as a rescue or catch crop, contiouing until the new year when it flowers and goes to seed. A well grown crop with adequate spacing between rows will provide good cover for holding, driving and feeding. It is largely unaffected by frost and wet weather.

Sowing rate 2.5 – 4kg.acre – Pack size 5kg Cruiser OSR Flea Beetle Treated

Zoom Brassica Mixture

Zoom is a blend of Winfred hybrids brassica and forage rape. This is a very vigorous and quick growing mixture which is ideal for replacing failed crops or patching spring sown crops. High seedling vigour gives a reliable establishment of a high left to stem ratio crop with carefully selected varieties that have good disease and bolting resistance.

Sowing rate 2.5 – 4kg.acre – Pack size 5kg Cruiser OSR Flea Beetle Treated


Jonty is a fast growing brassica which will provide excellent cover within 6 weeks of sowing. It produces a turnip-like root but grows like a forage rape, reaching a height of 60-80cms. Due to its rapid bolting tendency Jonty is best Planted in early autumn as a rescue crop.

Sowing rate 1-3kg/acre – Pack size 1kg Thiram & Sepiret treated

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