Late Cover & Rescue Mixtures

Our range of late game cover mixtures are specially formulated to ensure you will be able to achieve the best from your cover crops.

Late Cover Mixture
Late Cover Mix

A rapidly establishing and maturing mixture proving winter cover to the height of 2 – 3 feet. It is often used as a patching ctop where spring crops have failed. This mixture will tolerate drought conditions.

  • 3.00kg Forage Rape
  • 1.50kg Stubble Turnip
  • 0.35kg Mustard
  • 0.15Kg Fodder Radish
  • 5kg / Acre

Sowing Rate 5kg/Acre – Pack size 5kg

Kwik Fix
Kwik Fix

This is a flexible cover crop which can be used to patch failed spring hame cover . Mustard increases the cover element and fodder radish prolongs the cover period. This mixture will not provide full season cover, but it is more winter hardy than straight mustard.

  • 3.5kg Fodder Radish
  • 1.5kg White Mustard
  • 5kg / Acre

Sowing Rate 5kg/Acre – Pack size 5kg

Boost Mixture

A fast growing, quick to establish, frost hardy crop. Ideal to sow in late summer or early autumn to provide cover that will last throughout the winter. Excellent as a "Rescue" Mixture for patching failed crops or when a later sown crop is required.

  • 1.75kg Texsel Greens
  • 0.25kg Hybrid Brassica
  • 0.25kg Fodder Raddish
  • 0.25kg Brown Mustard
  • 2.5kg / Acre

Sowing Rate 2.5kg/Acre – Pack size 5kg

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