Maize & Sorghum

Triple Maize Blend
Maize seed

Triple blend maize is a mixture of varieties, of three different types of maize early mid and late, this will give you differing rate of maturity as cobs ripens at different times, thus providing cover all throughout the whole shooting season.

Pack size 50,000 seeds Mesurol treated

Dwarf Sorghum
Dwarf Sorghum seed

Dwarf Sorghum has a short, sturdy, broad leaved stem and substantial seed-head, providing birds with warm cover throughout the shooting season. Often sown as a companion to Maize Plants Average Height 1 – 1.25m

Sowing rate 8kg/acre – Pack size 1 acre pack fungicide treated

Intermediate Sorghum
Sorghum Plants

Intermediate Sorghum as suggested by it's name is in between giant and dwarf in height, approx 1.5m. Useful as a windbreak around other game cover crops, its provides pheasants and partridge with protection from overhead predators. Has an attractive seed-head

Sowing rate 8kg/acre Pack size 1 acre (10kg) fungicide treated

Giant Sorghum
Sorghum seed

Giant Sorghum is sorghum x sundan grass hybrid standing approximately 2 meters tall or more and therefore is extremely useful as a windbreak to protect more vulnerable crops. Its deep rooting system enables it to withstand drought conditions. Useful as a flushing crop even though it is prone to lodging later in the season.

Sowing rate 12kg/acre Pack size 1 acre pack (10kg) Fungicide Treated

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