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KWS Extase


  • Early Maturing
  • Group 2 variety
  • 8.1 Septoria Tritici - New era in disease resistance
  • Super Grain quality, providing access to a range of markets
  • Limited seed available for autumn 2019

KWS Extase is possibly the most exciting variety to be recommended in recent years. Its amazing combination of end-market potential, yield and disease resistance will make it a variety that every farmer will want to try in 2019.

KWS Extase has yields similar to KWS Siskin and its regional performance is strong across the board. It also boasts the best untreated yield of any variety on the RL at 95% controls.

KWS Extase disease resistance package will be one aspect of the variety which will attract plenty of attention. The robust all-round package that KWS Extase offers is completed with an unrivalled score of 8.1 for Septoria tritici.

As a Group 2 milling wheat with excellent grain characteristics, KWS Extase meets the needs of domestic millers and is approved for export with its ukp status.

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Harlow Agricultural Merchants

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