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Vibrance Duo

VIBRANCE® DUO is the first UK seed treatment to use Syngenta's all new SDHI fungicide, sedaxane.

Approved for the following Crops

  • Winter Wheat
  • Winter Triticale
  • Winter Rye
  • Spring Oats

Sedaxane not only provides outstanding control of key establishment diseases, but trials have also shown that it can substantially boost early root development.

By combining sedaxane with fludioxonil VIBRANCE® DUO brings a whole new perspective to crop establishment success.


Benfits from Using Vibrance Duo


Improved speed of emergence

If you're delaying drilling for improved black-grass control, even into November, VIBRANCE® DUO can help get your crop up and away to allow optimal establishment.



Better establishment through broad spectrum disease control

While fludioxonil is noted against Fusarium and Microdochium, sedaxane adds even more power against Microdochium, packing a double punch against the UK's major establishment risk. These are in addition to combined activity against bunt and loose smut. Plus, sedaxane brings new powerful activity against Rhizoctonia.

Better roots for scavenging for moisture, nutrient uptake and resilience

Combined with excellent disease control and crop safety, the added benefit of enhanced root growth enables the crop to establish closer to its full genetic potential. Research at Nottingham University using a three-way sedaxane mixture in spring wheat showed extra root mass remained visible at GS55, even in the absence of disease.

Latin Name Common name Sedaxane Fludioxonil
Rhizoctonia spp.* Root rot 3 2
Monographella nivalis Snow mould 3 3
Tilletia caries Common bunt 3 3
Ustilago tritici Loose smut (W) 3 1
Pyrenophora graminea* Leaf stripe 2 2
Tilletia controversa* Dwarf bunt 1 0
Gaeumannomyces graminis* Take all 1 1
Cochliobolus sativus* Common root rot 1 3
Fusarium spp. Foot rot 0 3

Level of control key: 3 = Excellent  2 = Good   1 = Weak

*Trials have shown the levels of activity indicated

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