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KWS Parkin

KWS Parkin
New For 2020 Hard 4 Winter Wheat 

The unique wheat with grain quality, early maturity and stiff straw

  • A unique type, unlike any variety on the current Recommended List
  • Earlier maturity than any Recommended variety
  • Shorter and stiffer strawed than any wheat on the 2020 RL


KWS Parkin represents the latest variety development for growers looking for a technical hard Group 4 wheat, to fulfil part of their rotation: Quite simply it is the only choice for growers looking for a competitive wheat for blackgrass control, whilst being early to harvest with extremely short and stiff straw.

With good yield potential, KWS Parkin is suited to all regions of the UK, performing especially well in KWS trials throughout the Yorkshire/Humber region and in the before 25th September slot. In addition, the variety has a good solid disease resistance package, with no major agronomic weaknesses and a good grain package with excellent HFN (259) and specific weight (76.3 kg/hl).

In short, KWS Parkin is the ideal replacement for growers looking to move on from early short stiff types such as Cordiale and Grafton and outclassed shorter varieties such as Relay and Viscount. At 102% of controls it is best suited to Growers in the East where it will appeal to those on heavy land or in highly fertile situations.


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