Oil Seed Rape Varieties


Django oil seed rape

Django - is the highest yielding candidate variety on the recommended List trials for the East/WestVery, good, early vigour for rapid establishment and a strong disease package, Good combination of stem stiffness and resistance to lodgin with Mid flowering and maturity.   [ more....]

Barbados oil seed rape

Barbados multi-gene resistance to light leaf spot and stem canker combined with verticillium wilt tolerance supports Barbados' performance across the UK. With strong on farm performance as well as good performances at our PDF sites, it has found favour in regions where both LLS and stem canker are an issue.   [ more....]

Elgar oil seed rape Elgar – conventional variety early maturing and high yielding with high oil content, excellent standing power, stiff stemmed and strong resistance to lodging. Light leaf spot and stem canker.   [ more...]


Vistive oil seed rape

Vistive - new conventionally-bred range of winter oilseed rape with high oleic low linolenic (HOLL) oil profile. These varieties produce healthy, low-transfat and stable frying oil and have good agronomic and disease resistance. Varieties Available V295, V316 and V324.   [ more....]


Palmedor oil seed rape

Palmedor - with exceptional oil and very high erucic acid contents Palmedor produces a very strong erucic acid yield, significantly improving industrial output. As a hybrid, Palmedor is quick to establish and grow in the spring to make the most of field conditions. It is a medium height variety and has excellent stem stiffness and lodging resistance.   [ more....]


Incentive oil seed rape

Incentive - new to the recommend list 2014, this hybrid has a very high treated gross output, stiff stemmed and has high resistance to lodging when grown at the hybrid seed rate. It is susceptible to stem canker.   [ more....]

Wembley oil seed rape

Wembley hybrid variety with high oil content, it's a high yielding variety with good stem stiffness, high resistance to lodging, light leaf spot and them canker, good autumn and spring vigour with early flowering.   [ more....]

DK Exalte oil seed rape DK Exalte – a very high yielding hybrid with very high oil content, it features pod shatter resistance, rapids autumn and spring development and early maturity. Double phoma resistance giving strong resistance to stem canker with durable and strong light leaf spot resistance.   [ more...]


DK Imperial oil seed rape

DK Imperial CL - a conventional height restored hybrid mean grower can benefit from the Clearfield system with greater yield potential.   [ more....]

DK Imagis CL oil seed rape

DK Imagis CL is a hybrid oilseed rape tolerance of Clearfield Herbicides Cleranda and Cleravo with excellent vigorous establishment and Compact Autumn Growth. Good resistance to Stem Canker and light Leaf Spot. Dk imagis is mid/late earliness of spring regrowth with mid/late flowering, a high yield potential and pod Shatter Resistance.   [ more....]

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