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Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd, or HAM as we are known to our friends, was founded in 1980 and has survived and prospered through some difficult years in farming guided by our two principal assets - our customers and our staff.

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16 February 2022

Game & Stewardship Catalogue 2022

Your Countryside Catalogue 2022 available to download or hard copy available on request.

  • Stewardship Mixtures
  • Green Manure
  • Game Covers
  • Amenity Grass Seeds
  • Forage Grass Seeds

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01 February 2022

RGT Bairstow

NEW to the Recommended list 22/23

Group 4 Soft 

This very high yielding RL Varieties will produce an impressive
heap of feed wheat and has been rated positive for distilling.
Grain quality is good, backed by good sprouting resistance,
a strong Septoria score and OWBM resistance. Suitable as a
second wheat.

01 January 2022

KWS Guium

The ruler of yellow rust resistance!

  • Nabim Group 3 wheat with a great grain package
  • Good performance in the East thanks to excellent yellow rust resistance (9) and OWBM
  • Good HFN with excellent resistance to sprouting

KWS Guium is one of the few varieties not to be based on Cougar and as such it is a useful addition on farm to increase genetic diversity into the wheat rotation.

06 December 2021

DSV Champion

The ultimate barn buster!

Sitting at the top of the NEW 2022/23 Recommended List with the highest yield available!

It is a very high yielding hard feed wheat Group 4 and is very versatile, being well suited to a wide range of soil types and carrying a strong disease resistance package.

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