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Winter & Spring Barley

Harlow Agricultural Merchants offer a wide range of Winter & Spring barley's, Our barley selection consist of Hybrid barley, Malting and high yielding feed varieties.

Buy-back contracts are available - if you are interested in a buy back contract please contact a member of out grain department.

Hybrid Barley


Bazooka is one of the highest performing hybrid barley's in the Hyvido family. It has excellent yellow rust rating and generally has a very good disease and agronomic package. Bazooka also performs well in all regions and is particularly effective in a black-grass situation.



Suuningdale has exceptional yields, very good disease resistance profile, Medium height in comparison to the the rest of the Hyvido family.



Belmont new to the recommended list last year (2018/2019) and is still one of the highest yielding Hybrid barley's on the list to date. Belmont also has an outstanding disease and agronomic profile combined with very good grain quality.


SY KingsbarnSY Kingsbarn

The latest hybrid barley to join the Hyvido family 

SY Kingsbarn new on the AHDB recommend list 2019/20. This latest addition is the highest yielding hybrid in the East to date, It combines a class yield with improved quality and agronomic profiles.


Tow-row Malting Varieties


Craft is a very high yielding two-row malting winter barley, which received Full MBC Approval for Brewing in May 2018. It brings improved agronomics and outstanding grain quality and is in strong demand from end users. 



Electrum was added to the AHDB Recommended in 2018/19 and is the highest yielding winter malting barley in the East. Electrum delivers and outstanding combination of yield, quality and early maturity. It has Provisional MBC Approval and is currently going through commercial evaluation with strong interest from end-users. 


Two-row Feed Varieties

KWS GimletKWS Gimlet

New on the AHDB Recommended list 2019/2020

KWS Gimlet winter barley is the highest yielding two-row feed variety in the East on the AHDB recommended list to date, at 106%. It's early maturing which helps spread the work load at harvest and has no disease weaknesses.



     LG Flynn

New on the AHDB Recommended list 2019/2020

LG Flynn is a new high yielding feed winter barley sitting at 104% on the AHDB Recommended List, LG Flynn offers a step up in yield for 2-row winter barleys. LG Flynn offers one of the best specific weights with screenings similar to KWS Cassia. Its high yield potential, solid agronomic characteristics and very good grain quality help ensure reliable performance on farm.


KWS Orwell

KWS Orwell is the highest yeilding two row winter barley on the recommended list. It has the stiffest staw of all the 2 row also has good brackling resistance.




KWS Infinity

KWS Infinity is one of those winter barley's that can cope in a wide range of situations, producing consistent yields wherever it is grown. It’s got strong standing power, similar to KWS Tower, very good resistance to brackling and has medium maturity.




KWS Cassia

A slightly older but yet still a very popular bold-grained variety but still grown across more than 10% of the UK winter barley area. KWS Cassia is free-tillering and easy to grow. Its ability to hold on to green leaf through the grain-fill period helps boost yields.

KWS Cassia is medium height, stiff-strawed, requiring a standard PGR regime to ensure security in the field.