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Cereal Varieties

The vast majority of our seed is contract grown for Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd by a very professional group of dedicated seed growers and processed through modern, local seed plants. We see this as very much a partnership that is crucial to the success of our business and enables us to deliver a high quality product back to the farm. We aim to make available a full range of products; we try not to be led by the majority in the quest for sales volume. A brief summary of variety are listed below and further information is available through the download link.

Group 1, Bread Making & Milling Wheat

KWS Zyatt

Was first listed on the recommended list in 2019 its is a very exciting Group 1 winter wheat with excellent yield of 102% of controls, with high protein levels and good agronomics. It has the highest Group 1 untreated and treated yields on the Recommended List. Its functional disease profile is further highlighted with Pch1 eyespot resistance.


RAGT Skyfall

Group 1 milling wheat RGT Skyfall remains the UK’s most widely grown winter wheat. It has been the top selling wheat variety over the past two years, the first time a milling wheat has achieved that for more than 25 years. Its combination of high yields, excellent quality and good functionality has made it an out-and-out favourite among UK milling wheat growers and end users.

The only Group 1 with midge resistance.

Group 2, Bread making

KWS Palladium

New on the AHDB recommended list for 2022/23

KWS Palladium is the new and exciting addition to the UK domestic bread markets. It is a super clean variety with one of the highest untreated yields on the market today, thanks to its scores for Septoria (7.4), mildew (8), yellow rust (9) and eyespot ([6]).

Importantly, its Septoria resistance has a different genetic basis to that of other commercialised Group 2 varieties.

KWS Extase

KWS Extase

New on the AHDB recommended list for 2019/20

KWS Extase is possibly the most exciting variety to be recommended in recent years. Its amazing combination of end-market potential, yield and disease resistance will make it a variety that every farmer will want to try in 2019.

The disease resistance package will be one aspect of the variety which will attract plenty of attention.


KWS Siskin

KWS Siskin

KWS Siskin is one of the highest yielding breadmaker on the Recommended List. Combining high yields, exceptional hagberg, strong protein (11.5) and its positive ukp status (bread wheat for export).

Group 3 Softs, Export, Biscuits, Cakes and other Flours

KWS Guium

New for 2022 / 23! - UK's Highest yielding Group 3 

KWS Guium is the perfect wheat to schedule on farm this year. Suited to being drilled October onwards, KWS Guium is later maturing (+2) which enables the spreading of the workload at harvest. The excellent sprouting resistance also adds flexibility during this time.


KWS Brium

New for 2022 / 23!

KWS Brium is an attractive Group 3 winter wheat for many end users. With it’s great quality grain, high input and high output status KWS Brium has good potential for both distillers and professional biscuit producers.

RGT Rashid

New for 2022 / 23!

This Group 3 variety produces excellent yields of high quality grain and has distilling potential. It features very good disease resistance, including a high S. tritici score of 7.2, strong stiff straw and OWBM resistance.

LG Astronomer

LG Astronomer is a high yielding soft milling wheat, with excellent grain quality and one of the best disease resistance packages on the RL.

It is rated 8 for both yellow and brown rust, and has a 6.8 score for Septoria tritici.

LG Astronomer has a very high specific weight and meets specification for the distilling market.

Group 4 Soft

RGT Bairstow

New for 2022 / 23!

This very high yielding will produce an impressive heap of feed wheat and has been rated positive for distilling. Grain quality is good, backed by good sprouting resistance, a strong Septoria score and OWBM resistance. Suitable as a second wheat.


RGT Stokes

New for 2022 / 23!

Another RAGT newcomer with very strong Septoria resistance, Stokes is a potential distilling variety as well as a good feed choice. It is suitable for early drilling and is a good second wheat.

Group 4 Hard Feed Wheat


New for 2022 / 23! - UK's Highest yielding Group 4

DSV CHAMPION is the highest yielding variety on this years recommended list at 106%. It has a medium length straw, with very little lodging seen over 5 years of trials in the UK. It may require a pgr on more fertile sites. CHAMPION has orange wheat blossom midge resistance and unique DSV genetics offer robust resistance to brown rust and, in particular, yellow rust. It also has very strong Septoria resistance.


RGT Stokes

New for 2022 / 23!

Another RAGT newcomer with very strong Septoria resistance, Stokes is a potential distilling variety as well as a good feed choice. It is suitable for early drilling and is a good second wheat.


Gleam New on the recommended List for 2018 a high yielding Group 4 with an excellent disease portfolio. OWBM Resistance, Tall straw with low levels of lodging. Relatively early maturity.

KWS Dawsum

New for 2022 / 23!

Awesome Dawsum, the excellent barn-filling choice. It offers growers the ultimate in flexibility on-farm, delivering fantastic yields right across the early, mainstream and late sown slots (106%, 114% and 108% in KWS trials sown September, November, and January, respectively).

SY Insitor

New for 2022 / 23!

SY INSITOR is a high yielding barn-filling variety with great traits to suit growers' needs. It is also a very adaptable variety, producing high yields as a first or second cereal, on light and heavy soils, over multiple seasons and in all regions. 

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