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Seed testing

Harlow Agricultural Merchants has an in-house laboratory and experienced trained staff who are able assist growers and give them an independent analysis of their product. Whether it just an analysis to make sure your product fit the end home requirements or your planning to farm save the seed and need to check the germination we are able to help.

If you require a special test on your seed that does not appear in the table above please contact the seed department who will try to arrange the test on your behalf.

Offering a range of services:

Test Species Sample Weight Length of Test
Germination  All Species  500grams 10 - 12 days
Vitascope (Quick Germination) All Cereals (Untreated) 250 Grams 2 Days
Tetrazolium (Diagnostice Germination) All Cereals (Treated orUntreated) 250 Grams 4 Days
Moisture All Species  1kg next day 
Hagberg Wheat 1kg next day 
Protein Wheat 1kg next day 
Bushel Weight Wheat/Barley 1kg next day 
Nitrogen Barley 1kg next day 
Screenings Wheat/Barley 1kg next day 
Trousand Grain Weight All Species  500gms next day 
Ascochyta Beans 1kg 12-14 days 
Stem Nematode Beans 1kg 4 days 
Admixture All Species  500gms next day 
Mycotoxins Wheat/Barley 500gms 2 days 
Don / Zon Cereals 500gms next day 
Oil Test Oilseed Rape 500gms 10-12 Days
Erucic acid Oilseed Rape 500gms 10-12 Days

* Vitascope test will not detect drying damage or desiccant damage.
Prices for seed tests are available upon request.  

Alastair Pawsey
Feed Wheat, Barley

Chris Collings

Stuart Attridge
Director - Wheat, Rape, Linseed, Durum & Oats

Craig Martin
Procurement & Transport

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