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Grain & Laboratory

Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd (HAM) is a leading independent grain merchant in East Anglia who handles all combinable crops.

Our strong links with end users in the UK and Europe enables HAM to give its growers access to both local and overseas markets, and therefore ensure the best possible home is delivered to, and the best price is achieved.

It is essential with the ever changing and volatile grain markets that the grower makes the right selling decision for their business. The HAM trading team, with the experience and contacts it has, is able to help growers make those decisions.

HAM offer specialist buy back contracts on a number of crops, including HOLL Oilseed Rape (High Oleic Low Linoleic). This specific fatty acid profile that exists in HOLL benefits food processors, and consumers.

Also available are HEAR Oilseed Rape (High Erucic Acid Rape) contracts, which produces an oil ideal for industrial use.

To help growers with managing risk and providing as many marketing options as possible, HAM offer the following :

  • Buy Back Contracts
  • Futures & Option Contracts
  • Specialist Seed Contracts
  • Tracker Funds
  • Long & Short Pools
  • Supply Contracts

coface logoAll grain marketing activities are insured through Coface UK – credit insurance underwriters, giving growers comfort that in the unlikely event of failure of one of our mill partners, the grain payment is secured.

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