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Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd (HAM) is a nationwide supplier of quality fertilisers to the agricultural market. Specialists in renewable P & K Fertilisers with valuable trace & secondary elements such as Cropkare, P Grow & Fibrophos. These Ash based products suitable for all crops and soil types offer great nutrition benefits while also being excellent value for money.

Regular soil sampling is essential to ensure your crop has the correct nutrition to maximise the yield, quality and performance of your crop.

HAM offer a wide range of solid, liquid, bulk or bagged fertiliser to suit your individual need

  • Salt mixes for sugar beet
  • Urea, both Granular and Prilled
  • Renewable P & K Fertilisers (Cropkare, P Grow & Fibrophos)
  • Imported and National Ammonium Nitrate
  • Liquid Nitrogen for top dressing and protein
  • Phosphates, Potash and Blended Fertilisers which are tailor made to suit all cropping / soils

Plus all types of Sulphur grades from Ammonium Sulphate through Urea & AN blends and ASN.

FACTS Qualified

FACTS Qualified

FIAS Registered

FIAS Registered








Cropkare is a concentrated multi-nutrient compound fertiliser. It is made from a sustainable and renewable fuel from burnt poultry litter that is used to generate electricity leaving behind a nutrient-rich by product.

This renewable ash product is a valuable source of immediately available and long-term forms of phosphate and potash and secondary nutrients and trace elements.

Inorganic and odourless this product can be used where appropriate as an alternative to superphosphate and muriate of potash based fertiliser.

An application of 500 kg Cropkare/ha supplies 60 kg P2O5/ha, 60 kg K2O/ha,30 kg MgO/ha and 25 kg SO3/ha.








P Grow is a natural sustainable Phosphate-rich fertiliser produced in the UK at a state of the art power stations.

Gradually releasing valuable phosphate as the crop require and not easily leached and can be applied at any time of the year by a local contractor, saving you valuable time in the peak periods.

Potash is essential in early the early stages of the plant growth, enhancing root development and maximise your plant potential by giving it the best start in life.

Available to all crops and will raise your soil phosphate indices.

Typical Analysis

23% Phosphate P2O5
Calcium 40% CaO
Sodium 4% Na2O
Sulphur 2% SO3
Iron 2000 ppm
Zinc 200ppm
Copper 75ppm
Mangnese 80ppm
Potash 2-3% K2O
Magnesium 1% MgO

Bulk Density 1.12 – PH12






Fibrophos is a sustainable Phosphate (P) and Potash (K) fertiliser with the added benefit of secondary and trace and elements. Made in East Anglian power station from burnt poultry manure leaving behind a nutrient-rich by product.

There are many grade of Fibrophos available to suit many different crops and situations where a balanced PK is required.

Perfect for raising the phosphate and potash indices, readily available for crop uptake and sustained release for crop rotation.

Odourless and less prone to leaching, available to wide range of crops.

Fibrophos Grade:


Secondary elements: All grades of fibrophos are
Calcium 18% as CaO
Sulphur 8% as SO3
Magnesium 4% as MgO
Sodium 4% as Na2O

Trace Nutrients:
Iron 4000 ppm as Fe
Manganese 1200 ppm as Mn
Copper 300 ppm as Cu
Boron 130ppm as B
Molybdenum 5ppm as Mo
Cobalt 2 ppm as Co
Selenium 2 ppm as Se

Neutralising value 15% as CaO


Nitrasol is the liquid fertiliser brand of Brineflow of Great Yarmouth.








Straight Nitrogen Liquid Fertilisers

  • Nitrasol N30 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol N28 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol UreicN18 wt/wt

Nitrogen & Sulphur Liquid Fertilisers

  • Straight Nitrogen Liquid Fertilisers
  • Nitrassol N30 + 6 SO3 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol N27 + 5SO3 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol N25 + 7SO3 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol N25 + 14SO3 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol N22 + 12.5 SO3 wt/wt
  • Nitrasol UreicN18 + 15SO3 wt/wt

Nitrasol Fluid Fertilisers for Farmers and Growers

Visit the dedicated liquid fertiliser website for more information about the full range of liquid fertilisers with or without sulphur that precisely meet crop needs, or alternatively speaking to a member of out dedicated fertiliser team.

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