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Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd (HAM) is a nationwide supplier of quality fertilisers to the agricultural market. Specialists in renewable P & K Fertilisers with valuable trace & secondary elements such as Cropkare, P Grow & Fibrophos. These Ash based products suitable for all crops and soil types offer great nutrition benefits while also being excellent value for money.

Regular soil sampling is essential to ensure your crop has the correct nutrition to maximise the yield, quality and performance of your crop.

HAM offer a wide range of solid, liquid, bulk or bagged fertiliser to suit your individual need

  • Salt mixes for sugar beet
  • Urea, both Granular and Prilled
  • Renewable P & K Fertilisers (Cropkare, P Grow & Fibrophos)
  • Imported and National Ammonium Nitrate
  • Liquid Nitrogen for top dressing and protein
  • Phosphates, Potash and Blended Fertilisers which are tailor made to suit all cropping / soils

Plus all types of Sulphur grades from Ammonium Sulphate through Urea & AN blends and ASN.

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Adrian Halliday

Director - Orders & Enquiries

Sarah Law

Transport & Administration

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