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Oilseed Rape Varieties


Conventional Varieties

KWS Blazen Oilseed Rape 

New High yielding conventional candidate in RL trials

Blazen is a new conventional high yielding candidate variety from KWS.  It is a Picto cross giving you a gross output of 104% but not only does it have outstanding yields but also has a high resistance to lodging (8) and stem stiffness (8), This variety has an excellent agronomy package with medium maturity.

Blazen is the first variety from KWS UK to be marketed under the new KWS Oilseed Establishment Partnership (OEP) Scheme




Barbados Oilseed Rape

A multi-gene resistance to light leaf spot and stem canker combined with verticillium wilt tolerance supports Barbados' performance across the UK. With strong on farm performance as well as good performances at KWS PDF sites, it has found favor in regions where both LLS and stem canker are an issue.

Campus Oilseed rape

Campus is the most widely sown oilseed rape in the UK. Its popularity owes much to its exceptional autumn and strong spring vigour characteristics, which have proved consistent on-farm performance. campus also has very good disease scores with a 6 for light leaf spot and stem canker.




Elgar Oilseed Rape

Elgar winter oilseed rape is a conventional OSR variety with early maturity, High yields at 103% gross output and has very good oil content. Elgar has also got excellent standing power with stiff stemmed and a strong resistance to lodging and high disease resistance scores to Light leaf spot and stem canker.

HOLL Varieties – (High Oleic, Low Linolenic)

Vistive Oilseed rape

HOLL hybrid winter oilseed rape is a high oleic low linolenic (HOLL) fatty acid oil profile. These varieties produce healthy, low-transfat and stable frying oil and unlike standard rapeseed oils, Vistive oil requires no hydrogenation to make it stable when being used at high temperatures and so offers major health benefits from greatly reduced levels of transfats which are produced from the hydrogenation process.


HOLL oilseed rape has no specific agronomic needs that differ from conventional oil seed rape (OSR) varieties. The main differences come in preventing contamination to ensure the quality of the High Oleic, Low Linolenic oil profile is preserved.

Please contact us for further information regarding premiums and contracts.

Varieties available V316 and V353.





Vistive V316



HEAR Varieties - (High Erucic Acid Rape)

Palmedor Oilseed rape

Palmedor with exceptional oil and very high erucic acid contents, Palmedor produces a very strong erucic acid yield, significantly improving industrial output. As a hybrid, Palmedor is quick to establish and grow in the spring to make the most of field conditions. It is a medium height variety and has excellent stem stiffness and lodging resistance.

Ergo Oilseed Rape

Ergo has excellent oil content and produces very high erucic acid significant for the production of industrial oil. Ergo also has an outstanding agronomic features both being 8 for resistance to lodging, 8 for stem stiffness and medium maturity. 


Resort Oilseed Rape

Resort is a high erucic acid rape (HEAR) restored hybrid variety intended for specialist use in industrial processes and is a UK Described variety on the AHDB List in 2021/22.

Hybrids Varieties

Incentive Oilseed rape

Incentive - new to the recommend list 2014, this hybrid has a very high treated gross output, stiff stemmed and has high resistance to lodging when grown at the hybrid seed rate. It is susceptible to stem canker.

RGT Windozz Oilseed Rape

RGT Windozz is the highest yielding hybrid on the East/West list, a fact that has not been lost on growers since the variety gained full recommendation on the 2016/17 list. Another key attribute is its vigour – it is one of the earliest varieties to get away in the spring and one of the earliest hybrids to mature. This, plus solid disease resistance to both light leaf spot and stem canker as well as short, stiff straw, offers reliability up to and through harvest.

DK Exalte Oilseed Rape

DK Exalte – a very high yielding hybrid with very high oil content, it features pod shatter resistance, rapids autumn and spring development and early maturity. Double phoma resistance giving strong resistance to stem canker with durable and strong light leaf spot resistance.


DK Exstar Oilseed Rape

New Candidate Variety

DK Exstar is a new candidate variety from dekalb. Dk Exstar is a very high yielding hybrid at 105% gross out put with excellent oils. Medium - rapid autumn growth habits which makes it suitable for early drilling to early september, Very good combined Stem Canker and Light Leaf Spot Resistance with a stiff stemmed at harvest with the pod shatter resistance.




Clearfield Varieties

DK Imperial CL Oilseed Rape

DK Imperial CL - a conventional height restored hybrid mean grower can benefit from the Clearfield system with greater yield potential.

Phoenix CL Oilseed Rape

Phoenix CL shows to have outstanding autumn vigour with a good seed yield of 105%. With an oil content of 46.5%, an oil bonus of 7.5% can be achieved with the variety adding extra value to the crop. It has a benchmark disease performance with a 6 for light leaf spot and a 6 for stem canker. It also has enhanced pod shattering resistance for extra flexibility at harvest.