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Oilseed Rape Varieties

HEAR Varieties (High Eurcic Acid Rape)


HEAR Winter Oilseed Rape

Ergo has excellent oil content and produces very high erucic acid significant for the production of industrial oil. Ergo also has an outstanding agronomic features both being 8 for resistance to lodging, 8 for stem stiffness and medium maturity. 

Hybrid OSR

Clearfield OSR

HOLL Varieties (High Oleic, Low Linolenic)

Vistive V367

HOLL Varieties (High Oleic, Low Linolenic)

Vistive Oilseed rape

HOLL hybrid winter oilseed rape is a high oleic low linolenic (HOLL) fatty acid oil profile. These varieties produce healthy, low-transfat and stable frying oil and unlike standard rapeseed oils, Vistive oil requires no hydrogenation to make it stable when being used at high temperatures and so offers major health benefits from greatly reduced levels of transfats which are produced from the hydrogenation process.


HOLL oilseed rape has no specific agronomic needs that differ from conventional oil seed rape (OSR) varieties. The main differences come in preventing contamination to ensure the quality of the High Oleic, Low Linolenic oil profile is preserved.

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Variety available V367

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