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"Your Countryside 2024"

A Practical Guide to Environmental, Green Manure, Game Cover and Forage Seeds 2024

February 2024


We are pleased to office you the latest copy “Your Countryside 2024” catalogue and a wild bird seed options sheet. UK Agriculture plays a vital role in providing our sustenance and preserving our biodiversity, maintaining healthy soils, and ensuring water quality.


This is achieved by implementing innovative practices such as Wild Bird Seed Mixture which have seen a huge increase in recent years with an array of options available to you. There are many other Innovative practices such as Catch & Cover Crops, Nectar Rich Mixtures and Diverse Forage Leys.


These initiatives, supported by the environment schemes, aim to create a harmonious and thriving countryside. Our goal is to make 'Your Countryside' catalogue a valuable guide that facilitates the successful implementation of these practices, contributing to the overall well-being of our environment, and will guide you to the easy solutions to your cropping needs.

About the author

Harlow Agricultural Merchants

Harlow Agricultural Merchants Ltd, or HAM as we are known to our friends is one of the leading independent, arable merchants in the region. HAM is focused on giving the best possible advice and service in the four key areas of Agro-chemicals, Fertiliser, Grain and Seed.

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