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News and Events

NRoSO 2020/21

We are pleased to announce that the 2020-2021 NRoSO Annual Training Event will still be going aheadbut to ensure that all members have the opportunity to access this, the event will move to a web-based platform.

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Vibrance Duo

VIBRANCE® DUO is the first UK seed treatment to use Syngenta's all new SDHI fungicide, sedaxane. Approved for the following Crops Winter Wheat Winter Triticale Winter Rye Spring Oats Sedaxane not only provides outstanding control of key establishment diseases, but trials have also shown that it can substantially boost early root development. By combining sedaxane wit ...

KWS Parkin

Early maturity short stiff strawed Hard 4 Winter Wheat

  • A unique type, unlike any variety on the current Recommended List
  • Earlier maturity than any Recommended variety
  • Shorter and stiffer strawed than any wheat on the 2020 RL

HAM Open Day 2020

Event Cancelled

Harlow Agricultural Merchants have inevitable cancelled the HAM Open Day 2020 which was due to take place on the Tuesday 2nd of June due to the Coronavirus outbreak.